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Hartland Woman Sentenced to Federal Prison for Embezzlement

An update in a court case of a Hartland woman charged with embezzling more than half a million dollars from her previous place of employment. This week, 62-year old Catherine McKinney is serving time in federal prison, following a sentencing last week where she pleaded guilty for mail fraud of embezzling at least $690,000 from Myers Associates PLLC, a law firm in Lebanon that serves clients on both sides of the river.

Court records say that McKinney will serve 36 months in federal prison and upon her release, will be under a one-year term of supervised release.

In addition, she will have to pay restitution of a total of $903,000, of which she has already paid back around 7%. In June of last year, a grand jury indicted McKinney, which said that from 2008 to 2015, she wrote law firm checks to herself and to her creditors and forged the signature of her employer on each one, allowing her to deposit more than $90,000 into her Vermont bank account.

She also allegedly completed electronic transfers of firm funds to pay large credit card bills and she pleaded guilty in December to the mail fraud charge. The entire investigation was completed by the United States Secret Service.

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