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Claremont Board Votes to Discuss Garage Site Plan Later

In Claremont, the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment is discussing a proposed structure that will house landscaping equipment. The Eagle Times reports that Jeremy Zullo, who owns Zullo Property Maintenance on 86 Windy Hill Road, is looking to build a 30 by 60 foot maintenance garage on Caajm Road next to a salt and sand shed that he already owns on an adjacent lot.

According to the agenda for Monday’s meeting, Zullo sought a variance on “Permitted Uses and Yards, to permit construction of a salt shed and a maintenance building on two lots on Caajm Road.”

However, he had made a request prior to Monday’s meeting to delay the discussion until the next meeting, given that he was out of town during the meeting time. His property maintenance and landscaping company hires four employees and has a selection of heavy machinery, including excavators and front end loaders, which would be stored in the proposed garage.

The Board will meet again on April 25th and will discuss the site plan with Zullo present.

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