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Hartford Options Tax Still on Track Despite Paperwork Delay

Hartford is looking to make some extra bucks through an options tax, despite a brief paperwork delay which officials say shouldn’t cause a problem. The 1% options tax for the Vermont town is set to go in front of the Vermont Legislature later this spring, but a delay in documentation raised very little concerns, as a Windsor lawmaker who chairs the committee in charge of charter changes says that it shouldn’t be an issue.

Last week, Interim Town Manager Pat MacQueen told the Hartford Selectboard that a set of meeting minutes that document a portion of the charter changes regarding the options tax were not available at that time. However, later in the week, Representative Donna Sweaney from Windsor said they got the paperwork and that she was able to process it without a hitch.

A public hearing with the Selectboard was held January 19th to allow residents a chance to voice their opinions on a proposed 1% tax on meals, rooms, and alcohol, which is designed to bring in more revenue for the town from tourists or travelers. The majority of the residents who attended were in favor of the options tax, which would avoid a tax increase on Hartford residents.

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