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Brattleboro Public Works to Begin Water Main Work

Brattleboro’s Department of Public Works is set to overhaul a water main as part of a budgeted project. The Brattleboro Reformer reports that the director of public works is currently in talks with the contractor who will complete the project, which will clean and line the inside of a six-inch water main on Frost Place.

This particular water main was installed in 1894, and because of the time it was built, did not come with lining on the inside of the pipe. Officials hope to dig up the main, clean the inside out, then reline the inside with an epoxy coating.

The town had budgeted $100,000 for the project to be completed and only one bid came back from the contractor HeitKamp Inc. of Watertown, Connecticut. Fortunately for the town, the bid came in at $99,300 which is $700 less than what they budgeted.

Steve Barrett, director of public works, told the Reformer that they won’t need to dig up the entire street and work can be done in 500 foot sections, reducing any big impact on traffic.

The work may begin late this spring or in the summer and notices we’ll be put out prior to construction beginning. Frost Place runs from Canal Street to Elliot Street, parallel to the Whetstone Brook.

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