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School District Receiving Rebates from State for Energy

In New Hampshire, the state’s Public Utilities Commission is offering incentives in the form of rebates to homeowners, business owners, or even school districts who can cut their energy use and move to renewable. The Claremont School District, SAU 6, is receiving benefits of their own after making considerable improvements at the middle and high schools in the form of replacing oil burners with wood pellet burners for heat. The Eagle Times reports that the bonded project cost around $12.5 million, which included new windows and insulation.

However the district is seeing some of that money come back in two separate rebates from the Public Utilities Commission, totaling $110,000. The district had submitted two separate rebate applications to the state, highlighting their new furnaces and renewable energy measures.

Earlier this week, the district received a letter saying that their applications had both been approved and that two $55,000 rebates would be on their way.

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