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Local Robotics Team Headed to National Competition


On Saturday April 2nd, the sixth annual Seacoast SeaPerch Regional Competition was held at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. This event teaches students to build remotely operated vehicles from low-cost, easily accessible materials and following basic engineering and science concepts. This year, 147 students, including Claremont’s ‘Rogue Robotics of 4H’ competed against each other.

There were two staggered events: an obstacle course of submerged hoops, and an orbs course, which tested the ROV’s ability to collect and control items with precision. The Claremont team places second as runners-up in the SeaPerch Competition and are going to the national competition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in May.

Beyond encouraging interest in STEM, that being science, technology, engineering, and math, the SeaPerch Challenge also teaches local youth to see an ROV that malfunctions minutes before a competition not as a crippling setback, but as opportunity to get to work.

SeaPerch Challenge has been an effective way to get students excited about STEM and the problem-solving challenges inherent to the four subjects.

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