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Newbury Man Charged with Drug Possession & Poaching

A man from Newbury New Hampshire has been charged with two separate crimes. 27-year old Drew Hankins of Newbury was charged Monday in Portsmouth District Court with multiple charges that include poaching and possession of methamphetamine. New Hampshire Fish and Game officers arrested Hankins on Friday at the Hampton Falls River when authorities were alerted of eel poaching through their surveillance team.

Police say that when a uniformed Fish and Game officer approached him at the river, he jumped in and began swimming towards a culvert but when a state trooper appeared at the culvert, he turned around and swam back to the Fish and Game officer and turned himself in.

Officers searched his vehicle and found eel trapping equipment, methamphetamine, and a large amount of cash. Hankins was charged with numerous charges, including 1 count of Taking American Eels Without a Harvest Permit.

He is being held on $5,000 cash bail and as this is his second eel-poaching offense, the charge is a felony.

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