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MAHHC & DHMC Partner to Offer TeleHealth Services

In medical news, two of our local hospitals, that being Dartmouth Hitchcock and Mt. Ascutney Hospital, have paired up to provide yet another service to residents of the area. TeleHealth and TeleEmergency focuses on local medical care for rural communities of New Hampshire where long distances between hospitals and clinics creates problems for patients requiring medical attention.

A lack of medical specialists are a major issue especially when the population of these rural areas have a large percentage of elderly residents.

Telehealth is considered to be life-saving technology as the Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center staff are now able to immediately connect with medical emergency specialists who include board-certified emergency physicians, critical care specialists and nurses with emergency training.

For a nurse needing to make a critical medical decision with limited time, getting a second opinion from an emergency specialist at the click of a button can be the difference between life and death and that is what TeleHealth and TeleEmergency are all about.

They also aim to keep patients in their own homes surrounded by loved ones in a comfortable setting.

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