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Hartford, State Seeking Input on Act 148 Recycling

Residents of Hartford are being asked to offer input through a survey that will shed some light on how the statewide recycling law is working out. The survey can be completed online through the Hartford Vermont website and asks a variety of questions, which can be completed anonymously.

The state developed the survey to measure the change in household practices in handling recyclables, various types of waste, and demolition debris over the next 5 years.

The town of Hartford’s website says that a similar survey will be conducted in the spring of 2021 for comparison and that the survey results will be filed with the Vermont Waste Management Division. Act 148 was unanimously passed in 2012 which bans the disposal of recyclables including metal, glass, plastic, and paper/cardboard.

Last July, leaf and yard debris fell under the same jurisdiction and in July of this year, food scraps must also be recycled. The state is asking residents to fill out the survey by April 10th.

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