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Dartmouth Students Enact LOC Language Change

Any teenager or young adult has no doubt had an adult tell them that it’s up to their generation to truly enact change in this world. Well a group of college students over at the local Ivy League school, Dartmouth, has taken that advice to heart and has successfully petitioned to have a certain expression of offensive language removed from the Library of Congress’s vocabulary.

As of the summer of this year, the term “illegal alien” will no longer appear in the Library’s language, which sets the cataloguing standards for libraries across the country.

Instead, the terms “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration” will be used, which are deemed as less offensive and not dehumanizing. This change in vocabulary was enacted by a determined group of Dartmouth undergraduates who had tried for two years to have the diction replaced, and finally succeeded through a petition.

An official release from the Library of Congress explains the language change in further detail and if you’re interested in reading the full and official announcement, you can read it here: https://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/illegal-aliens-decision.pdf

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