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Police Looking for Suspect in New London Hit & Run

Sometime between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning on Easter, someone drove into Bonin Architecture’s front porch right off of Main Street, then took off. The car splintered a railing and completely knocked down a main pillar on the front corner of the building. The damage was noticed early Easter morning and New London Police quickly characterized the incident as a hit and run.

Based on the scene it was concluded that the perpetrator’s vehicle was not an SUV or a truck as the tire marks left behind indicated a smaller vehicle. The evidence suggests that the driver backed into the edge of the porch which most likely caused the pillar to crash onto the car.

One of the owners, Kim Bonin tells YCN News that it is normal for drivers to use their lot as a turnaround point but the way this specific driver backed into their porch was unusual as they backed in from the main street instead of turning around in the lot first.

No significant structural damage occurred and police are on the lookout for a vehicle whose bumper and rear are very damaged.

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