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Claremont Gears Up for 2016 Spring/Summer Timber Harvest

The city of Claremont has outlined their upcoming timber harvest plans, hoping to bring in even more revenue for the city. On Wednesday during the city council meeting, Assistant Director of Public Works Victor St. Pierre informed councilors on the harvest project for this spring and summer, which ultimately began in 2008 as a forestry management plan.

To date, the timber harvests have yielded more than half a million dollars for the city, according to the Eagle Times, and it benefits the entire state as well, having added roughly 3.7 million dollars to the state’s economy through labor and commercial forest products.

The tree harvest and removal has traditionally taken place at many different spots around the city and this year is no different. Popular recreation areas such as Moody Park and Arrowhead Recreation Area have received recent cutting, which worked to eliminate hazard trees.

This year, work will be done on Winter Street, the Rice and White Water reservoirs, and Arrowhead once again, just to name a few. Victor St. Pierre of Public Works says that the city’s forestry management is of “great value”.

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  1. Mary Bourdon // 2016-04-04 at 4:57 PM // Reply

    What an artless, witless ruining of Moody Park in 2012 and 2013. I will never forget this miserable mistreatment of a public park. You can bet, that had this park been a part of Dartmouth College or some other wealthy entity, it would never have been leveled. This was not a cutting for the health of the park, it ruined because of politics and money.
    It will not recover for a generation to come. I curse Claremont to this day.

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