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Lebanon vs. Portsmouth DII – 4th Quarter Analysis

Last Saturday the boys basketball division two state championship game featured the number one ranked Portsmouth Clippers and the number two ranked Lebanon Raiders. Every day this week we have been breaking down each quarter with a special final wrap up on Friday.

After three quarters of a combination of great defense and sloppy basketball, the score at the start of the 4th quarter, Portsmouth 25, Lebanon 21. At this point in the game Portsmouth had six assists while Lebanon still had 0.

Since halftime the Raiders had been passing the ball more trying to get open shots but almost nothing has gone in as Lebanon has shot under 24% from the field and under 7% from three point range. BUT Lebanon remained positive as their less than perfect play has only put them in a 4 point hole with an entire quarter remaining.

After a turnover by the Clippers and a missed 3-pt shot by KJ Matte, Portsmouth’s Shon Parham sinks a 3-pointer that extends the lead to seven. They would go on a 7-0 run to push the lead up to 11 with just over five minutes remaining. Graham Chickering, Ryan Milliken and KJ Matte of Lebanon did what they could to narrow the lead but ultimately they would run out of time and be forced to foul.

There were a couple of foul calls going against Lebanon that seemed like weak fouls especially in the championship game at the end of the fourth quarter but Portsmouth took all the help they could get and would shoot 9-13 from the free throw line. The final score would end up being Portsmouth 43 Lebanon 29.

Both teams didn’t shoot particularly well but did play stellar defense in what was sure an exciting matchup between the top two undefeated seeds.

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