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High Bail Set For Man Accused Of Eluding Police

A Claremont man accused of leading police on two high-speed chases in recent months, including one this week, will likely remain behind bars until his next court date scheduled for next week. Bail for 19-year-old Louis Gratacos III was set at $100,000 according to court documents, as requested by the prosecution and agreed upon by Judge John Yazinski.

Prosecutors say they requested the high amount to ensure public safety against Gratacos’s alleged reckless behavior.

Gratacos pleaded not guilty earlier this week to several charges stemming from a Tuesday morning incident in which he’s alleged to have crashed his Audi sedan into a garage and trailer while attempting to elude police – officers also found marijuana in the car, according to the incident report.

Gratacos is likely to face additional, non-related charges in connection with a November incident in which he’s alleged to have crashed into a Maple Avenue home and seriously injuring his passenger while fleeing police.

Gratacos is due back in court March 31 for a probable cause hearing.

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