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Ice Melt on Lake Sunapee Sets Record for Earliest “Ice Out”

An unusually warm winter helped set a record for the earliest ice out day on record on Lake Sunapee this year. The ice officially went out, or melted, according to Richard Osborne from Sunapee on March 18th, 2016.

The ice is determined “out” when a boat can navigate between Georges Mills Harbor and Newbury Harbor without being blocked by ice. Records on ice out on the lake have been recorded since 1869 with the previous earliest date of March 22, 2012 and the latest day the ice has gone from Lake Sunapee was May 14, 1888.

The early melt was foretold earlier in the winter by having one of the warmest Christmas holidays on record and Steve McGrath, a Sunapee resident, even waterskied on the open waters during mid-60 degree weather.

Yes, he had to wear a wetsuit but the waters, now that they are no longer frozen, can only get warmer from here on out. Can swimming in Lake Sunapee be far behind?

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