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High Wind Racks Region, Damaging Trees and Traffic Lights

If you were outside at all Thursday after 3 PM, you may have noticed some very strong winds picking up. These winds damaged trees and scattered debris over area roadways, but it also caused a minor accident right here in Claremont.

Thursday night, Claremont police, fire, and public works officials responded to the intersection of Route 120 and North Street at around 5 PM where strong spring winds had knocked over a traffic light pole right across from the Claremont welcome center. There was no effect on traffic as the pole had fallen right into the median and the overhead lights above the intersection were still functional.

By 5:45, crews had erected the pole upright once again and were fastening it back into place. A jersey barrier had been put into place on the median where the pole had fallen as to prevent any drivers from accidentally veering into the median and hitting the light.

This minor incident and Thursday and Friday’s wind is yet another reminder that spring is here, with the first day being this Sunday. Mud season has begun in multiple parts of our region, as you’ve no doubt noticed if you’ve driven any dirt roads recently.

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