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Hartford School District To Layoff Five Employees

News out of Hartford, Vermont, as a $1.1 million-dollar deficit in the school district’s budget has forced the layoffs of five employees at the end of the school year. The Valley News reports that the five – including Hartford High School athletic director Joe James – have already received notice of their pending layoffs.

The other affected individuals are said to be two full-time teachers, a part-time teacher, and a counselor.

According to the newspaper, the athletic director position will be consolidated into the three remaining administrative positions at the high school. James was hired at the high school in 2000 as a basketball coach, and became a math teacher two years later.

James told the Valley News that the district notified him of a potential teaching opening which he said he is considering. Of the district’s $1.1 million-dollar deficit, the five layoffs are estimated to save the district approximately $400,000 dollars.

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