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National Fields Representatives Takes Steps Toward Expansion

One of Claremont’s largest employers is set to more than double the size of its facility on Maple Avenue as part of a $4-million dollar expansion project. National Field Representatives – a mortgage servicing company located in Claremont and Florida – is in the process of purchasing two abutting properties to its 136 Maple Avenue headquarters, with those deals expected to close within the next several weeks, according to the Eagle Times.

One property is Gary’s Claremont Tire and Auto – which closed last year – located across the street from NFR, and the other is the Claremont Savings Bank that sits right next door.

Plans for the expansion will increase the company’s current 14,500-square-foot foot print by an additional 20,000 square feet, and add additional parking across the street.

NFR employs about 200 people in Claremont – and an additional 50 at its Florida location – and says the expansion will lead to additional jobs in the city, though they have not given an estimation as to how many.

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