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Claremont Fitness Club Opening in Former Hardware Store

For any of those who like a good workout and used to be a member of Claremont’s Twisted Fitness, there will soon be another option for you right here on Pleasant Street. Right down the street from Twisted Fitness’s former location, a new fitness club, called Real Steel Fitness, is planning to call Esersky’s Hardware Store its new home.

Esersky’s Hardware will move to a new location while Real Steel, using equipment from Twisted Fitness, will open under the management of former Stevens High School Principal Frank Sprague, his wife Heidi, and Claremont resident Tim Chapin.

Last week on Thursday, the Historic District Commission approved the sign and front doors for the new fitness club.

Down the street, Twisted Fitness closed in the fall of last year, citing loss of membership to the Claremont Savings Bank Community Center, which offers lower prices for year-long memberships, especially for families.

However, the opening of Real Steel will offer Claremont and area residents a private fitness club to enroll in, which will offer 24/7 access, providing more flexible scheduling than that of the Community Center.

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  1. christine // 2016-03-02 at 6:53 AM // Reply

    You should mention the name of “Frank Sprague’s wife”. She should get the same recognition as the two male owner’s mentioned.

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