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Sunapee, Newbury, NL Undergoing Assessment

Some New Hampshire towns will be undergoing property assessment to realign their values with what they’re worth. Starting in the immediate future, the towns of Sunapee, Newbury, and New London will all be undergoing tri-town assessing, being conducted by assessing staff and representatives on properties that have had changes in their building permits or are up for review.

The staff will be measuring the exterior of homes and if no one is home to provide consent for an interior measurement, they will estimate the interior.

Once an assessment of a home is completed in any of three towns, a property card will be mailed to the respective homeowner, which can be be reviewed by the owner for accuracy.

The Tri-Town Assessing Staff manage an assessment roll of about 8400 parcels totalling nearly three billion dollars in property value.

For any questions on the process, you can contact your respective town office for more information.

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