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Snow to Blame for Collision Between Car and Home

In Claremont, a Winter Street home was damaged Tuesday morning when an unidentified woman lost control of her car in the snow and struck the home’s front porch.

According to Claremont Police, the accident occurred shortly after 9:30 Tuesday morning during a period of heavy snow. At that time, an unidentified woman is said to have lost control of her Toyota Rav 4, and struck the 166 Winter Street home of Sue and Phil Pare.

The driver of the vehicle was transported by Golden Cross Ambulance to nearby Valley Regional Hospital for treatment, though the extent of her injuries were not immediately known by police.

Nobody in the house was injured, but its porch was severely damaged. Homeowner Phil Pare told YCN News that he had tried to call 911 immediately after the accident but the phone line had been ripped out during the crash.

Both the driver and homeowner are said to have insurance. Police are reminding drivers to always use caution while driving in the snow, and to leave plenty of room for plow and sanding vehicles.

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