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Union, Arbitrator Discuss Stevens High Schedule

The union representing teachers at Stevens High School here in Claremont made their pitch to an arbitrator earlier this week. Their pitch aimed at reverting back to semester-long block schedules previously used at the school.

Under the new schedule, classes were reduced from 90 minutes to 75, with faculty teaching all six of their classes over the entire school year. In years past, faculty taught three classes per semester over a two-semester school year.

Teachers filed a cease and desist request back in August when the schedule was implemented, but dropped its request in mid September.

The state’s Public Labor Relations Board ordered the sides to meet with an arbitrator during its ruling back in December, prompting Tuesday’s meeting with the teacher’s union.

SAU 6 Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin has stood by the school board’s decision to implement the schedule, and says he hopes the two sides can come to a mutual agreement.

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