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Town Officials Announce Unexpected Purchase

Town officials in Hartford, Vermont announced earlier this week that they’ve purchased a building abutting its Maxfield Sports Complex on Route 5, giving the town full control of the property’s main entrance.

The Selectboard announced the purchase during Tuesday night’s regularly-scheduled meeting, and acknowledged it would come as a surprise because the matter was discussed by board members during a non-public meeting.

Officials say they had just one day to agree upon the purchase of the former Emerge Family Advocates building for $75,000 dollars, and therefore didn’t have time to bring the matter to the public. The properties share a driveway along Route 5, which had created security concerns for the sports complex as workers were unable to lock a gate at the entrance.

The Selectboard says the purchase will be paid for by using a surplus from the town’s current operating budget, or remaining funds from a $3.1 million dollar bond to build the complex.

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