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Report Shows BF Prison Building Needing Work

The proposed justice center in Bellows Falls has hit a minor roadblock as an analysis of the building site shows structural and water damage. According to The Brattleboro Reformer, an engineering report completed by Stevens and Associates was given to Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark and part of it was released Wednesday.

Sheriff Clark has denied multiple requests to release the report in its entirety, which shows that the former Liberty Paper Company mill building is in adequate condition for rehabilitation but has suffered water damage and would require stabilization.

The building has suffered from vandalism and would require yet another analysis to determine the extent of repairs needed to bring the building to working order.

The Windham County Sheriff’s Department’s proposal for the prison has been a source of controversy in the town, with concerned citizens banding together to oppose the project.

Meanwhile, the Bellows Falls School Board is seeking a report on the education impacts of having a prison in town, which would hold both federal and state inmates.

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