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Man Pleads Guilty to Flashing Handgun

A 36-year-old Hartland man pleaded guilty Tuesday to two misdemeanor charges after flashing a handgun at a passing motorist back in September.

Benjamin Walker pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment and providing false information to a law enforcement officer at the Windsor Superior Court, and was sentenced to serve 12 days on a work crew and pay a $400 fine.

Walker had faced a third misdemeanor charge of aggravated disorderly conduct for brandishing the firearm while waiting with his son at a bus stop, but the charge was dismissed by prosecutors as part of a plea deal.

According to police, Walker originally told officers he pointed a finger at the passing motorist on the morning of Sept. 22, and then changed his story saying he showed a holstered handgun, but never pointed it.

Walker had originally plead not guilty to the charges back in October before agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors earlier this year.

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