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Sunapee Talks Town Budget at Deliberative Session

Tuesday night, around 80 residents from the town met to discuss the town’s budget and other warrant articles at this year’s deliberative session at the Sunapee Middle High School.

An amendment proposed by town resident and Budget Advisory Committee Member Don Bettencourt to cut around $50,000 from the town budget of almost 7 million was turned down before the amendment could be even be voted on.

Sunapee resident Sean Carroll felt that Benttencourt had his chance to trim the town’s budget in his role as a budget advisor and that he could not propose an amendment to cut the budget now. Moderator Harry Gale agreed, as did majority of the voters present at the meeting, thus, the amendment was not submitted.

The only other article that raised questions was Article 20 to raise $50,000 to eradicate an invasive reed species at the Sunapee Water Treatment Plant. Questions were answered on the article and it passed by voice vote as did all other articles at the meeting.

The Sunapee town budget and all other articles will now be voted on by ballot on March 8.

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