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Dartmouth Proposes West Wheelock Parking Garage

Clackamas Town Center Transit Center (2nd location) parking garage and departure/loading bus stop, viewed from stairway to MAX station.

Have you ever complained about the parking situation in Hanover New Hampshire? Well if you have, a planned new parking garage may be a promising sign.

A proposed zoning amendment proposed by Dartmouth College could lead to the construction of a parking garage along West Wheelock Street as part of a campus expansion plan.

If approved by the Hanover Zoning Board, the amendment would extend the campus’s institutional district to the intersection of West Wheelock and Thayer Drive, allowing the college to build a structure up to 60 feet high as opposed the current 35-foot guidelines.

The garage would allow for additional parking needed after the displacement of several spots due to construction of the new Thayer School of Engineering building nearby. Residents of the area have already expressed concern, though, including potential traffic impacts as well as the structure’s size and location.

The planning board hosted a public hearing on the proposal Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. at the town offices, though no final decision from the board was expected.

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