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Woodstock Residents Notified of Reappraisal

So what would you do if you looked outside your home and saw someone you didn’t know sitting in their car, looking at your home, and typing things into a computer? Well if you live in Woodstock Vermont and you see such a thing in the next few weeks, do not be alarmed.

The New England Municipal Resource Center are set to complete Woodstock’s town-wide reappraisal and will be doing so in following weeks, even including inspections of the inside of residents’ homes, with the homeowner’s consent.

The Resource Center had sent out postcards prior to their visit to defuse any suspicion of their employee’s behavior as they complete their analysis. However, Woodstock Police say they’ve had one call come in so far, reporting suspicious behavior of the inspectors.

The reappraisal is being done to essentially re-match the value of homes with their assessed value. The state of Vermont recommends that towns be reappraised every ten years, unless their appraisal falls below 80 percent, in which case it’s mandatory.

Woodstock was reappraised back in 2001 but had a more recent inspection last year.

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