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Sunapee Transfer Station No Longer Taking Brush

Starting February 1st, residents of Sunapee and Springfield will not be able to take brush to the transfer station in Sunapee until further notice. This according to a press release from Scott Hazelton, the Sunapee Town Highway Director.

The vendor who had been taking the brush, has informed the town of Sunapee that they will no longer be doing so.

When asked by YCN, Highway Director Hazelton did not know the reasoning behind the vendor’s decision to stop receiving brush. In light of this, the town will actively be looking for a new vendor to process the natural waste, according to the press release, and there will be an update about the situation after Sunapee’s voting day in March.

The transfer station is located at 89 Avery Road and is open every day of the week except Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hours vary per day and you can check the town of Sunapee’s website for more information, including a fact sheet.

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