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Five Trapped Loons Rescued on Lake Sunapee


Five loons were rescued from Lake Sunapee after being trapped in a small open area. On Tuesday, the Loon Preservation Committee and the Lake Sunapee Protective Association rescued the five loons from a small pocket of unfrozen water, where there wasn’t enough room to take off.

In addition, the loons had molted their primary feathers which causes them to be flightless for a few weeks.

Loon Preservation Committee’s Senior Biologist, John Cooley, took a small boat out to where the loons were and used a net to grab the birds as they surfaced for air. Cooley was assisted by fellow loon watchers, who, with other volunteers, regularly check the lake for loons and report any sightings.

The five rescued birds were banded for future identification and taken to a sanctuary to recover.

Loons should have migrated to the ocean at this point in the year and if you see any yourself on Lake Sunapee, give the Loon Preservation Committee a call at 603-476-LOON.

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