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Windsor Selectboard Votes to Oppose Solar Array

In Windsor Vermont, the development of the proposed solar farm on the state prison property is facing another obstacle as the Selectboard has expressed their unanimous disapproval to the project.

At Tuesday night’s regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting, town officials voted to oppose the proposed 19,000 solar array proposed by Green Mountain Power behind the Southeast State Correctional Facility.

A proposed question for the Windsor ballot asking if residents oppose the project or not has been scrapped.

This vote comes in light of widespread and overwhelming opposition to the site by area residents, who cite wildlife endangerment and an eyesore as reasons to not let the project move forward. Green Mountain Power has put the project on hold in the face of the opposition and is weighing the future of the development.

Despite the town’s objections, the project is state-mandated as part of renewable energy goals for Vermont, leaving ultimate control in the state’s hands.

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