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Two Skimmer Devices Found on Okemo ATMs

Both local and federal authorities are looking into the discovery of two skimming devices found on separate ATMs at the Okemo Mountain Resort in Vermont over the weekend.

According to Ludlow Police, the first device – used to illegally obtain information from debit cards including pin numbers – was discovered at the mountain’s base lodge by a customer whose card got stuck in the machine.

When the customer tried to remove his card from the machine, the device separated from the ATM and fell into his hand. The discovery prompted a search of other ATMs at the resort and throughout Ludlow, with one additional device being found at the Jackson Gore lodge also at the mountain.

The skimming devices are being held as evidence by the Ludlow Police and Secret Service in their investigation, and anyone who may have used the ATMs in recent weeks is urged to contact their banks to replace their cards.

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