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Norwich Board Approves Elementary School Budget

The school board of Norwich Vermont has approved a 5.4 million dollar budget for the Marion Cross Elementary School, set to go in front of residents.

In the proposed budget, the expenses are accounted for, but the tax rate for voters has not yet been set or announced, leaving townspeople wondering what the rate will be. As we reported on Friday, with Norwich facing a tough situation with Act 46 in regards to neighboring Vermont towns, the issue of school consolidation has only made it harder to set a tax rate for the new budget.

Meanwhile, Act 46 imposes spending caps on schools, but town officials learned just recently that they are exempt from such a cap because they are part of a bi-state district with Hanover NH.

Town officials say the budget has already been cut by around $100,000 and with this exemption, they won’t need to enact any more cuts from the proposed budget.

The budget will be presented to voters on February 29th, prior to a vote on March 1st.

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