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Brattleboro Police Respond to Second Robbery This Week

In a story related to one we had Thursday regarding the robbery of the Brattleboro Exit 3 Mobil station on Wednesday, Brattleboro police are looking for the suspect of yet another robbery.

According to a press release, police responded to the Avenue Grocery Store on Western Avenue around 9:00 Thursday morning for a reported robbery.

Witnesses told police that a white male entered the store, walked around, then walked up to counter and demanded money from the register, saying he had a gun.

The robber was given the money and fled eastward towards Union Hill. The suspect is described as being a white male, around 6’ tall, medium build, and was wearing a Carhart jacket and half face mask at the time of the robbery. There were no injuries and the robber did not show a weapon, which he threatened to have.

At this point, officials have yet to determine if this robbery is related to two others than have happened since last Friday, including Wednesday’s robbery of the Exit 3 Mobil.

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