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Solar Farm Proposal Could Make Windsor Ballot

In update in a story that has been contentious for nearly half a year and is constantly evolving, that being the proposed solar site in Windsor Vermont on the state prison property. On Tuesday during the town’s regularly-scheduled selectboard meeting, Town Manager Tom Marsh unveiled a question that would appear on the Town Meeting ballot in March, asking voters if they are in favor of the solar array.

The question would ask voters if they support the project, given that it would bring at least $40,000 a year into the town.

The question has not been set in stone and and will see more revisions before it appears in front of voters, which town officials hope will provide further feedback from residents, after receiving a negative response at a public forum back in August.

The project, led by Green Mountain Power, would bring a 19,000 panel array to a plot of land behind the Southeast State Correctional Facility, owned by the Department of Building and General Services.

The project is on hold indefinitely.

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