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Rep. Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Visits Newport

Former Florida Governor and Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush made another campaign stop in the Lake Sunapee Region. On Thursday, just like Marco Rubio this past weekend, Jeb visited the Sturm Ruger firearms company in Newport and after a private tour of the factory and receiving a gift of a Ruger American bolt-action rifle from Casting Director Randy Wheeler, he spoke to about 50 workers at the plant.

He talked about how he would deal with the problems in the Middle East, including how he would deal with ISIS, as well as his record of being governor of Florida. Of special attention as well was Obama’s recent executive order on gun control and party front runner, Donald Trump.

Employees of Ruger then asked him question on topics from gridlock in Washington, the deficit, term limits, congressional pay raises, taxes, the IRS, and social security.

Jeb then shook hands and talked one on one with individual employees at Sturm Ruger.

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