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Hartford School Budget Calls for Job Loss, Other Cuts

A proposal from the Hartford School Board on its 2017 fiscal budget could lead to the loss of up to 14 jobs if approved by voters.

The board unanimously approved the 36-million dollar budget despite several concerns from board members, specifically involving the cut of an estimated 14 positions within the district. Despite coming in at nearly $200,000 dollars less than the town’s current school budget, residents would still face a 3-percent increase in their tax rates if approved.

Superintendent Tom DeBalsi presented an original budget one million dollars higher last week, but that proposal – which would have maintained the district’s current workforce – would have lead to an increase of 11-percent in property taxes.

The Valley News reports that the 14 reduced positions is a rough estimate based on an assumption that each eliminated position will save the district $80,000 in salary and benefit costs.

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