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Enfield Library Hopeful of Expansion, Residents Unsure

In Enfield NH, residents may see enhanced library services in the future, including Internet and an expanded book collection, in the form of a new library. The Enfield Public Library’s board of trustees, chaired by Philip Cronenwett, presented the idea on Tuesday for a new library, which would offer expanded services to the existing library, most importantly offering computer workstations for Internet browsing.

However, the town’s tax rate would increase by around 3% and according to The Valley News, the cost would be alleviated by a 20-year bond from Mascoma Savings Bank.

The board of trustees explained that Internet access in a new library would draw in a considerable amount of people, given the amount of functions that are now done online, such as applying for jobs.

A resident who attended the meeting told The Valley News that he was concerned over the project’s tax impact on residents, in light of an increase in the school district’s 2016-2017 budget.

The town’s Selectboard will vote on the Mascoma Savings Bank bond on February 2nd and another public hearing will be held the next day.

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