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Repair of Antique Woodstock Fence Adding Up

In Woodstock, VT the repair of the town’s antique fence around the green that was damaged in a car crash is costing much more than officials had planned.

A significant portion of the fence that surrounds the town’s green was damaged back in November when two trucks collided, locked together, and hit the cast iron fence. The fence dates back to 1878 and officials estimated it would cost around $40,000 to repair. Now, two months later, the cost is up to $125,000, more than the triple the original estimate.

At last Tuesday’s meeting of town trustees, it was announced that the cost to make a wood cast and mold a new iron around it would be around $92,000, with the work being done by the Springfield Fence Company.

In addition, a new bench, a street light, and multiple parking meters need to all be replaced as well.

Woodstock officials will use their insurer to gain compensation from the insurance companies of both of the drivers who hit the fence. All the repair work is slated to begin this summer.

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