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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Talks Football in Newport

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s visit to Newport on Saturday brought conversations of football and foreign policy. Those were just two of his speaking points that he engaged an intimate crowd at Village Pizza with, but went on to discuss ISIS, tax cuts, and fellow candidates Trump and Christie.

Instead of the usual town hall style meeting that most candidates, including Paul, pursue, he spoke to attendees one and one and made sure that each voice was heard. When speaking about party front runner Donald Trump, Paul said that Trump has distorted the race.

He went on to speak with supporters about the hot topic of the day, that being the divisional round of the AFC playoffs involving the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. He explained that he was born a Steelers fan, having been from Pittsburgh, and felt out of place growing up in Texas, as he was surrounded by Cowboys and Texans fans.

Paul currently ranks 7th in New Hampshire polling, with a 4.3 percent average on Real Clear Politics.

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