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Hartford Residents to Vote Again on Option Tax

Residents of Hartford will have to make a decision on whether they want a tax on rooms, meals, and alcohol to bring in extra revenue for the town.

A public hearing is being held Tuesday night by town officials to determine if there should be a surcharge on the the above options, which residents can either agree or disagree with.

The Valley News reports that the idea has been in discussion for quite some time now in the Vermont town, as it offers an alternative to raising town revenue through taxes on residents.

The surcharge on rooms, meals, and alcohol is designed for tourists and travelers who are coming to or traveling through town and utilize any of those options. Proponents say that the tax would be such a slight increase that people buying any of the services would not think twice about paying a small extra amount.

The public hearing on the issue was scheduled for 7 PM tonight and voters will have a final say when they vote in the Town Meeting on March 1st.

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