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Memberships on the Rise at Community Center

Membership at the Claremont Savings Bank Community Center is on the rise, thanks partly to new equipment. Parks and Recreation Director Mark Brislin tells the Eagle Times that they’ve been really busy as of late, with around 370 people checking in during the month of December, which is 35 more people than the numbers at the same time last year.

The Community Center has added some new equipment to help with weight lifting and working out, and what’s more is that Brislin says some of the equipment was moved around to create a better workout flow.

The facility is also investigating the costs and feasibility of purchasing and installing workout equipment that would be accessible to those who are disabled or in wheelchairs.

The rise in memberships comes in light of another Claremont fitness facility, Pleasant Street’s Twisted Fitness, closing, which had been losing memberships to the Community Center since it opened.

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