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Bullying Expert to Visit Sunapee Middle High School

The Sunapee School Board is making good on its promise to address what residents have called a growing bullying problem. The board has invited an expert on the subject to speak to students, faculty and members of the community Thursday.

Bullying has been a recurring theme at recent school board meetings, with some residents taking their personal stories to the editorial pages of local newspapers. As a response, the board invited Dr. Malcolm Smith – one of the nation’s top educators in teaching young people empathy, compassion and kindness – to host a handful of assemblies Thursday at Sunapee Middle High School.

Dr. Smith spoke to both middle school and high school students – as well as all of the district’s teachers – in two separate assemblies this afternoon, before addressing parents and members of the community Thursday night in the Sherburne Gymnasium.

A video of Dr. Smith addressing 5,000 New Hampshire students can be found at DrMalcolmSmith.net.

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  1. Ray Cabral // 2016-01-16 at 9:14 AM // Reply

    The big problem no one is taking about is that some of the worst bullies are a couple of teachers and administrators.

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