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APD Offering Free Re-Vaccinations to Children

A local hospital is offering more than 800 free re-vaccinations to children after a problem was discovered in a refrigeration unit where the vaccines were kept.

Lebanon’s Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital announced in a press release Wednesday that it cannot guarantee vaccinations given between September 2014 and October of last year were effective, as the vaccines needed to be stored within a particular temperature range.

The vaccines – which prevent diseases like polio, hepatitis, and measles – were given to more than 800 children, though the hospital said in its release that none of the affected patients have contracted a disease.

State inspectors were notified of the problem back in August, though an announcement wasn’t made until Wednesday as hospital officials deemed it was not an urgent public health issue.

Parent’s of children affected by the issue can find more information by visiting the hospital’s website – AlicePeckDay.org – or by calling 603-442-5610.

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