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Restaurant Accused of Serving Food From Trash

A disturbing story out of Brattleboro, Vermont as a restaurant on Putney Road is being accused of serving food taken from a dumpster.

According to the complaint filed with the Vermont Department of Health, the Panasian asian restaurant is accused of removing food – including oranges – from the dumpster of a nearby grocery store and serving it to customers.

The Brattleboro Police Department received a complaint from an unidentified person Dec. 26, prompting an inspection from the state’s department of health four days later. In his report, state inspector Thomas Hubbel wrote that the restaurant’s manager stated some employees take food from the dumpster, but that it is not used in the restaurant.

Hubbel went on to write that he informed the restaurant’s manager to no longer allow his employees to engage in that practice.

The Panasian remains open for lunch and dinner in Brattleboro’s Fairfield Plaza Shopping Center.

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