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Newport to Present Budget Proposal

The Newport school district is preparing to present their 2016-2017 budget Wednesday night.

Members of the public are invited to attend and it’s taking place at 6 PM in the Newport Middle High School Gymnasium.

As it stands, the proposed budget is slightly less than 18 million dollars and will bring a 3 percent spending increase. Fortunately, this increase will not have any sort of impact on the school’s tax rate.

Town officials say that additional revenue will be contributed by tuition payments from neighboring towns like Goshen, Lempster, Croydon, and Unity. This additional revenue will cover any sort of tax increase that would be imposed by a 3 percent spending increase.

Part of the new budget also includes new teacher positions including an elementary assistant principal and a special education coordinator. Currently, there are additional articles that may be implemented into the budget and will be discussed Wednesday night.

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