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Sunapee Man Facing DUI Charges After Crash

A Sunapee man is facing multiple charges after threatening shoppers at a local store, driving away from the scene, and crashing his car, all while under the influence.

Police in Concord say that they were called to the Walmart store on Loudon Road at around 8:00 last Friday night on reports of an aggressive panhandler, identified as 21-year old Cameron Meehan.

While police were en route to the store, they received word that the suspect had fled from the scene and was driving recklessly, including ramming a civilian’s car who tried to stop him.

The suspect crashed his car and resisted arrest. He was Tasered, and despite continuing to resist authorities’ attempts to subdue him, was eventually put in handcuffs.

Police returned to the Walmart and learned that he had threatened two separate sets of victims, aggressively demanding $60.

Meehan was charged with DUI, disobeying an officer, and resisting arrest.

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