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Sunapee to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Budgets

The town of Sunapee is preparing to discuss both Selectboard and School board budgets that will be enacted on July 1st. The discussion and refinement process will be influenced by public input and the town is holding public forums and hearings this week for residents to speak out.

They begin tomorrow with the Sunapee Selectboard at 7:00 PM at the town offices on 23 Edgement Road for a budget presentation in front of the Selectboard and members of the public.

According to town officials, the new budget is around 7 million dollars and is an increase from the current budget and will only be finalized once the public forum is held.

The next day, on Wednesday, the School Board will present their budget at the middle school at 6:00 PM.

The school’s budget will also be seeing an increase from the current numbers, with a total of around 12 million dollars.

Both budgets, when approved, will go in front of town voters in March.

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