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Kearsarge Hears From Residents on School Budget Proposal

Residents within the Kearsarge Regional School District met Saturday for a deliberative session at the High School in Sutton, New Hampshire.

This year’s gathering of over 120 residents discussed the proposed budget and related issues in anticipation of a March vote.

Two versions of the budget were brought forward; one proposed by the School Board and a second from the Municipal Budget Committee made up of representatives from the member communities.

Both of this year’s proposals were identical to each other.

A group of residents offered an alternative version that simply cuts $800,000 from the two proposals, stemming from their concern over rising property taxes.

For some residents, Saturday’s meeting was a very important and personal matter.

After an extended discussion a request from the floor was made for a ballot box vote. After the tally, the vote to include the alternative budget was defeated 70 to 36. The vote on the proposed articles will take place on March 8th at the member town voting places.

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