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Mascoma Savings Bank CEO Announces Retirement

Mascoma Savings Bank Chief Executive Officer Stephen F. Christy has announced he will be retiring on January 1st of 2017, leaving him with slightly less than a year to continue serving customers of the Upper Valley-based bank.

In a press release from Mascoma Savings Bank, Christy addressed customers and expressed his thanks for giving him what he calls an “exhilarating” experience.

He began as a teller in 1973 when there was only one location in Lebanon but later when on to be elected as president in 1990. In his 26 years as president and CEO, the bank has greatly expanded its assets, locations, staff, and services.

Christy says that it is time for him to step aside and allow someone else to take over the reigns.

Mascoma Savings Bank has 29 branch locations in our immediate area and greater Upper Valley region.

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